On episode 219 of Running Man, the members, are joined with star-studded guests Joo sang Wook, Jung Gyu Woon, Wang Ji Hye, Han quý phái Jin, và Han Ye Seul. Together, they embark on a black Knight vs. Trắng Knight battle! Who will reign as the winning team? Warning: Spoilers Ahead.

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1. Ji Hye’s soft exterior but strong interior:

Kwang Soo, immediately recognizing his close friend, yelled out that Ji Hye was wearing a revealing dress. Hearing him, she raised her arm và made a fist at him. They seem close don’t they? ㅋㅋ


2. Casanova Kwang Soo

After seeing Han Ye Seul step off the train, Kwang Soo immediately took off the coat he placed on Ji Hye’s shoulders moments ago to lớn put it around Ye Seul’s. Lucky for Kwang Soo that he and Ji Hye are good friends in real life, or else Kwang Soo will be getting an earful from her. ㅋㅋ


3. First mission: Ace and Commander at peace in their place while it’s chaos on the left side.

In the midst of the train art chaos, Ji Hyo và Kim Jong Kook peacefully sat in one cart, watching the others squabble for the last seat. After the game finished, they both were bewildered, and asked everyone else why no one came to lớn fight them, saying how the game wasn’t fun at all. To lớn this, Jae Suk responded that having them in the game was even less fun!

I wonder why no one bothered the power nguồn duo…


4. Ji Hyo yelling at Kim Jong Kook in the snack tent và throwing down her snack at the same time

Jong Kook, jokingly pestered her by asking over & over again if she was a đen or white knight, khổng lồ the point where Ji Hyo snapped và threw her snack khổng lồ the ground! Poor Ji Hyo!


5. “Run to lớn you” twerk dance

In a nhảy đầm frenzy, the remaining Running Man go crazy when they hear the nostalgic dance song “Run to lớn You,” where they, in turn, all got to the ground và twerked.

We couldn’t think what was funnier, Kwang Soo’s exaggerated motions or the fact that they all did it together, actors included.

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6. Ji Hye’s “health” cheer for Su Kjin

Down khổng lồ one of the last two players, Suk Jin, after hearing Ye Seul’s cheer for lịch sự Jin, asked Ji Hye for a supportive cheer! With this, she showed her 4d personality và yelled for Suk Jin to lớn take care of his health!



7. Wang Ji Hye’s butt victory!

Wang Ji Hye really is unpredictable. During her “butt battle” with Jae Suk, she first got hit by his butt, but ultimately won with her rebounding falling force on him.



8. Kim Jong Kook’s powerful butt

Kim Jong Kook’s powerful butt easily knocked over Wang Ji Hye in butt wrestling, During his second round, Kim Jong Kook’s butt sent sang Wook flying!

We guess the Commander even exercises his butt muscles when he goes khổng lồ the gym! ㅋㅋ



9. When Kwang Soo’s high tốc độ moving hand fails and he gets hit by Sangwoo

-swoosh- wha- did you see that?

Kwang Soo, being his usual creative self, quickly swipes his hand across the table, leaving Jae Suk unable to get a good shot at hitting it. Bemused, quý phái Woo waits until the last 5 seconds…where -SMACK- …he directly hit Kwang Soo’s hand. Ouch! I guess Kwang Soo was exerting too much energy in the beginning~


10. The market posing game…

Both the red và blue teams attempted to vị their best to lớn make the most complex (and silliest) poses so the other team wouldn’t be able to lớn replicate them! Here are our đứng top choices:

Haha’s signature “sock eating” pose:

Kwang Soo’s imitation of a twisted pretzel:

Han Ye Seul’s đáng yêu derp face:

Suk Jin’s “toe eating” attempt:

BONUS: Kwang Soo’s act of kindness

The awesome ajhummas came khổng lồ the market to lớn make the members of Running Man veggie pancakes. Awed by this gesture, Kwang Soo repays them, by giving them handwarmers to lớn stay warm in the chilly weather. How sweet is he?


What were your favorite moments in this episode? Did we miss any? Were you surprised by the members’ identities?


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