Our Verdict

We recommend this QLC drive in the larger capacities for those that want good everyday performance for a budget price. The smaller capacities will likely run into more slowdowns during heavy writes.


CrystalDiskMark 6 rates the BX500 as slightly slower than the competition, but just barely. During normal operation, you’d never notice the difference.

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The BX500 actually led the pack (Samsung 860 QVO, Samsung 870 QVO, Kingston KC600) in performance during our 48GB tệp tin transfers. These are more indicative of the occasional long writes that most users might experience during backup or other heavy operations. But remember that these times were posted by the 2TB drive. The 240GB và 480GB BX500s are likely khổng lồ hit the QLC write slowdown far earlier and post slower times than those shown below.


While not as tragic as Samsung’s older 860 QLC when it runs out of secondary cache, the BX500 slows dramatically. It’s not the SSD you want for writing a large amount of data in a single blow.

As you can see from the screen capture shown below, when the BX500 runs out of cache, write tốc độ can drop as low as 40MBps—10MBps if the drive is caught doing housekeeping. It doesn’t flatline there, however. It bounces between 40MBps & full speed, suggesting that more cache is being allotted in real time.

Our 2TB drive ran out of juice at around 140GB, so all things being equal, the 1TB drive would likely run out of cache at 70GB written, the 480GB at around 35GB, & the 240GB drive at around 15-17GB.


As you can see, when the BX500 runs out of cache, write performance can drop as low as 40MBps.

While we’re compelled lớn talk about the slow write speed off-cache, again, this comes into play only when you write fairly large amounts of data—or as I said, when the amount of data stored approaches the capacity of the drive.

The PCIe 3 tests utilized Windows 10 64-bit running on a vi xử lý core i7-5820K/Asus X99 Deluxe system with four 16GB Kingston 2666MHz DDR4 modules, a Zotac (NVidia) GT 710 1GB x2 PCIe graphics card, and an Asmedia ASM3242 USB 3.2×2 card. It also contains a Gigabyte GC-Alpine Thunderbolt 3 card, & Softperfect Ramdisk 3.4.6 for the 48GB read and write tests.

The PCIe 4 testing was done on an MSI MEG X570motherboard socketing an AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8-core CPU, using the same Kingston DRAM, cards, và software.All testing is performed on an empty, or nearly empty drive that’s TRIM’d after every set of tests. Performance will decrease as the drive fills up.

Crucial is one of several vendors who’ve downgraded components without changing product designations. If the performance of your BX500 varies drastically from what we found with our reviews drive, please let us know.

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Good for everyday use

The BX500 is subjectively as fast as anything out there until it runs out of cache. That’s likely lớn be a rare occurrence for the average user. Nguồn users should skip it, but for everyone else it’s a good deal. We do, however, recommend overbuying capacity-wise by at least 50 percent.