After much mystery & speculation, we finally know who will be portraying the newest Wildcats in the upcoming High School Musical television series, which is slated khổng lồ premiere on Disney’s new streaming service later this year. But one question still lingers: will any of the OG cast members drop by for a cameo?

Zac Efron, at least, seems lớn be up for it. The actor who first portrayed Troy Bolton back in 2006 recently told Extra that he’d “absolutely” be OK with appearing on the new series, adding: “I don’t see why not.”

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But before we get ready khổng lồ see Zac get his head in the game again, the actor noted that he isn’t fully “committing khổng lồ it,” remarking that he didn’t even know there was a series happening. However, he commented that the original movie’s message “still resonates khổng lồ this day,” which is something that his costars have sầu also talked about. Baông xã in 2017, Vanessa Hudgens told E! News how much she loves that people are still watching HSM. “I mean it's amazing,” she said. “It think it just shows the power of a musical. They're timeless.”

And she can definitely say that again, considering that the upcoming TV show takes us baông chồng khổng lồ the IRL East High where a group of students are auditioning for a production of High School Musical. (So yes, it’s an extremely meta musical within a musical within a musical.) And while we’ll get to lớn hear plenty of our favorite songs from the original HSM franchise, the series will also give us some original music lớn enjoy as well.

As for the OG East High graduates, Zac might have sầu to convince his former costars lớn vị that cameo with hyên. Ashley Tisdale has said that she’s matured & grown so much since first portraying Sharpay Evans more than ten years ago, adding: “I just don’t know if I can give her justice...and be that character again.” And Vanessa has also expressed her skepticism of stepping into Gabriella Montez’s shoes once more. Of course, anything is possible in a musical, and if there’s one thing we learned from the original HSM franchise, it’s “once a Wildcat, always a Wildcát.”

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