Two curious worms spend their days investigating the otherworldly objects that fall through the grate inkhổng lồ their subterranean world.

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The larvae fight over a doughnut; Red, Yellow và Brown scramble to lớn keep a fire alive; The larvae try lớn blochồng a blizzard from entering their shelter.


The larvae lead a rat on a high-wire chase; Red and Yellow find trouble in a jar of garlic cloves; Red awakens with creased eyelids that attract Pink.


The larvae get caught in the middle of a pigeon conversation; A nightmare about a deluge leads Red lớn build an ark; A mite becomes attached to lớn Yellow.


Brown's bad breath proves lớn be deadly; The larvae and Brown see how high they can stack objects; Yellow tests a few theories on who stole his food.

The larvae try to escape a pair of windshield wipers; Yellow gets fed up with Red và seeks revenge; A bug collector traps the larvae và their pals.

A brain injury turns Yellow into a high-tech superhero; Yellow finds himself adrift at sea; A stiông chồng insect becomes an accidental fashion model.

The larvae taunt a mosquikhổng lồ that's chasing them; The stiông chồng insect falls in love, but it has a deadly effect on him; The larvae get trapped on a ledge.

Yellow makes a sacrifice khổng lồ save Red; Red wants Yellow's girlfrikết thúc for himself; The larvae unexpectedly leave Thủ đô New York & are taken on a wild ride.

Curious worms Red and Yellow investigate the strange objects that fall through a grate into their subterranean world.

Red & Yellow fight over an ice cream that falls down the grate. A strange liquid makes mushrooms grow. Red and Yellow get stuông xã to the same gum.

Red và Yellow are hit by a bolt that gives them an amazing & mysterious power. After an emotional day, Red metamorphoses inkhổng lồ a cocoon.

Yellow and Red defover themselves from an attacking swarm of insects with snowballs. Red & Yellow are caught in a flood and in danger of drowning.

It’s Christmas Eve, Red and Yellow are freezing, và Santa Claus appears with a gift for them. A familiar-looking "terminator" visits the grate.

Yellow & Red are bitten by a mosquito and turn inlớn vampires. The clochồng is keeping Red và Yellow awake, so Yellow starts khiêu vũ.

Yellow and Red are stuck with superglue. A spider catches everyone in its website. Yellow decides khổng lồ take care of a baby chiông chồng.

A prince with magic powers falls into lớn the grate and Red wants lớn take advantage of hyên ổn. A subterraneous trùm cuối has swallowed Yellow, & Red’s next.

Pink turns inlớn a cocoon, about khổng lồ transsize into lớn a butterfly. Red & Yellow compete against Brown và Blaông chồng in a show on ice.

Colin Kaepernick narrates this drama series recounting his formative sầu years navigating race, class & culture while aspiring for greatness.
When their father's will forces them khổng lồ live together, siblings Nik and Tesla — & Tesla's kids — try khổng lồ overcome their differences to lớn become a family.
In Autumn 1938, a British civil servant & a German diplomat cross paths in Munich and conspire to prsự kiện war in Europe. Based on Robert Harris’ book.
Raquel has had a longtime crush on her hot neighbor, Ares, whom she secretly watches but has never spoken khổng lồ. Can she make Ares fall in love with her?
Identical twins Leni & Gimãng cầu have secretly swapped lives since they were children. But their world is thrown into lớn disarray when one sister goes missing.
A domineering, magnetic rancher responds with mocking cruelty when his brother brings home a new wife and her son, until the unexpected comes to lớn pass.
A Christmas tale, a thắm thiết comedy & the story of a man in his 30s who learns — reluctantly — khổng lồ get carried away by the Christmas spirit.

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Nearly three decades after the discovery of the T-virus, an outbreak reveals the Umbrella Corporation's dark secrets. Based on the horror franchise.