At the forefront of our safe hot air balloon rides are our highly trained và experienced balloon pilots. Lượt thích any other vessel in aviation, hot air balloons are licensed, regulated aircrafts. Pilots must have substantial training & be highly competent to operate a balloon. Learning lớn fly a hot air balloon is no different from learning lớn fly a helicopter or an airplane. Pilots are required khổng lồ spend many hours flying & taking exams to lớn ensure that they’re professionally qualified khổng lồ fly a balloon.

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With our experienced & confident pilots, you will always feel in very safe hands!


Did you know that aviation is the safest size of travel và hot air is the safest form of aviation.


Our Longstanding Experience

As the longest operating hot air balloon company in Dubai, no other company compares to lớn our level of knowledge, expertise & experience with in the UAE. In 2005 we chartered the Dubai desert & since then we have flown more than 120,000 passengers.


Skilled Pilots

We have a team of Hot Air Balloon pilots from around the world with a collective experience of over 120 years of flying Hot Air Balloons. Our pilots were trained in nước australia and Europe & have flown Hot Air Balloons on every continent.



Our regular maintenance before & after every hot air balloon ride ensure that our equipment maintains its high quality. We are licensed by the General Civil Aviation Authority (Air Operator’s Certificate AT-0024) và all our balloons undergo a strict maintenance programme including regular inspections.

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Before every Hot Air Balloon ride, the pilots conduct a safety briefing with all passengers. The pilot will explain how lớn get in and out the balloon basket, the landing position và other guidelines.



The team from Balloon Adventures contributed lớn the design và manufacturing of the safety belts passengers are now required lớn wear during landing. Balloon Adventures Dubai became the first balloon company in the world to install passenger safety belts in all of their balloons. Many Hot Air Balloon companies (unfortunately not all), followed in these footsteps since.