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i love this fairness product because this fairness cream shoots me very well but now didnt get this sản phẩm from anywhere please bring ur hàng hóa in stocks i cant use another products

I have used this cream for the last 2 months, & find it effective sầu, and I live in Madras, where it is quite hot, & especially in May month, và I liked the fact that my face is clear from any tanning, and there are not spots & my face looks fresh & fair always. I would recommend this cream to any man who wished to maintain a natural fair look.However, going by the extreme heat in some parts of India like Bhopal, New Delhi or Punjab, I feel they must give us an option with SPF30.

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Fast delivery from elaopa.org. But when it comes lớn the sản phẩm, it is just pathetic.. for me.. Whenever i apply this on my clear face (without any acne), the very next day acne comes out. it dries out my face. So if you are looking for something better then never think of buying this sản phẩm.
Do purchase this as a moisturizer for men. I love this cream. And the rate is little bit more. But no worry. 5 of 5.
WOW.. tomorrow is my 2 & a half years of using this product!! All i can say is... Vaseline Face Men Face Whitening (Face wash)+ Antispot face Cream Oil Control = DID A GOOD JOB IN MY LIFE!!! I tried different types of facial wash và facial moisturizer but all them are fucking not suitable to my skin. I found my partner in life... VASELINE. My skin looks at its best, more hydrating than any other skin i can say... I used it every day, in my bath and after using it.. i feel so confident! I s...
it is the best cream i have ever used...now i keep hearing that vaseline have stopped the production of this cream...
This hàng hóa is not worth buying,,one can buy Vaseline Men whitening+Antispot its works great comapre lớn this,,bt usually it wl be out of stoông xã in elaopa.org...............................................................................................................

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This is the worst cream I used till now...I always use Garnier Men Cream just thought to give this a try but it was a very bad decision.The cream unique is very bad every time I use this I have sầu to shake it for some time else only water comes out of the bottle. If someone used the older fair và lovely its same as like that...If you want khổng lồ know how reflection it will give on your face...dont buy this just take any telcom power set some water & try that...the reflection and White layer ...
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