Madrid at a glance

Epic, bohemian và contemporary, Madrid is one of the liveliest cities in the world. A perfect amalgamation of old-world charm và modern culture, the Spanish capital has a lot lớn see for all kin... More


Cricket fans cheer up, INOX khổng lồ screen all ‘India’ matches live in 12 cities

If you are also an ardent fan of cricket, then this will probably be the best news for you today! Yes, the famous theater chain INOX will be showing all the India matches live in 12 cities across... More


48 hours in Madrid

We have prepared this travel guide as exhaustive & inclusive as possible khổng lồ help you focus on the travel bit and avoid hours of brainstorming on the planning part.

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After hours in Madrid

Nightlife in Madrid is lively on account of its surfeit of taverns that cater to lớn all kinds of travellers & budgets. Head to lớn Bar Cock & spend the evening in the company of creatively-inclined ... More


The Madrid cultural trail

Packed with galleries & museums, the Spanish capital is a treasure trove for art-lovers & history-buffs. From country"s best collection of paintings in Museo Nacional del Prado to the hotspot... More


Hotel Ibis Styles Madrid Prado

Situated in the Huertas district of Madrid & pretty much close to almost every prime location of the city, this hotel makes it khổng lồ this các mục for its refreshing rooms and excellent breakfast.

The Magic Gardens vs the Rodin Museum

It might be tempting to go see the work of the famous dead French sculptor, but after seeing so much old stuff you might as well kiểm tra out some art that’s new. Mosaicist Isaiah Zagar moved to lớn the... More

National Constitution Center vs Joseph Fox Books

Here’s a riddle for you: What is a history museum that gives you no history and a non-profit organization that exists for profit? The answer: National Constitution Center.The exhibit includes a b... More

Palazzo Reale (Naples Royal Palace)

On the façade stand eight marble statues of the kings who ruled Naples. These statues & the hanging gardens were added in the palace in later part of the 19th century. The place also houses a t... More

Madrid: art, culture & gastronomy

Madrid, a đô thị located in the centre of Spain, is known for its cultural landmarks, historical museums và its nightlife. There are many places to lớn visit in this city, and on any budget.

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