Located about 25 km from Quy Nhon City, Nhon Ly commune, Quy Nhon City, Binh Dinh province, Ky co has a charming original beauty with xanh sea, trắng sand, beautiful sunshine like a picture, poetic & majestic, Ky teo is also known as just one step away from heaven.

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Ky teo Beach – One step away from heaven

This place attracts tourists, especially those who are interested in exploring, because not only beautiful scenery but also many interesting things… Here you can immerse yourself in the clean water & play on the white sand. Ky teo is well suited for family trips, especially if there are children, they will enjoy the dip in a natural swimming pool, snorkeling & playing with the small fish at the shore. Nature has given Ky co a great space for creativity.


Check in Ky teo Beach with Quy Nhon Tourist

MORNING: 07h30: The tour guide from Quy Nhon Tourist will pick you up at your hotel (Centre of Quy Nhon city) by oto (16 seats) và take you to Nhon Ly commune (Nhon Ly is commune of Ky Co)

Overpass Thi Nai Bridge – This bridge used to be the longest cross-sea bridge in Vietnam with a length of nearly 2.5 km. You can hear about the tragic battles between Champa and Dai Viet, between Tay Son & Nguyen Ánh dynasty during 05 centuries. On the way, you will join the tour guide khổng lồ play 1-2 fun games with prizes.


08h20: You will go lớn Ky co Beach high speedboat. This is one of the most beautiful beaches in Quy Nhon đô thị – a pristine & clean beach by tốc độ boat. Ky co Beach is extremely blue with light waves & fine golden sand, it will surely satisfy tourists who like to swim.


Also, if you want to explore more beauty of Ky Co, please ask our tour guide to lớn take you khổng lồ the waterfall, freshwater lake lớn take great photos. Kiểm tra in Love Bridge free


After that, the tour guide will take you khổng lồ Bai San Ho (Bai Dua) by high speedboat to dive lớn see coral reefs.


In addition to diving to contemplate coral reefs, you can also participate in very special sea games only at Quy Nhon Tourist (buoying will depend on the weather of the sea)

NOTES: At the coral reefs there are some fee – based services such as: flying float, glass bottom boat. Please, you should ask before using the service or ask tour guide for assistance.


Notes: If the weather changes and it is impossible khổng lồ use speed boat and dive to lớn see coral reefs, in order khổng lồ ensure the safety for you, Quy Nhon Tourist will arrange khổng lồ go to lớn Ky teo by road. So the tour cost will not change.

NOON: 11h55: Have lunch & enjoy fresh seafood dishes caught by fishing village people.

Menu of special seafood dishes of Quy Nhon Tourist includes:

Seaweed soup with shrimp và meatSteamed snailsFresh squid steamed with gingerOysters grilled with onion and oilSugpo prawn steamed with pandan leavesSeafood porridgeRice fried with salt và chiliFresh seeweed saladSpecial Fish in Nhon Ly + fresh vegetable + rice paper/ Seafood hotpot + fresh vegetable.Dessert: Fruit, ice tea, wet wipes

(The menu may vary depending on the weather and your request but still ensure the same quality)

After lunch, you will have a rest và relax at the restaurant.

AFTERNOON: 14h00: Continue lớn visit Ngoc Hoa Vihara – Admire the tallest Buddha statue of quan liêu The Am in Vietnam with 30m in tall.

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14h30: Visit Eo Gio – windy rocks all year round – A most beautiful view lớn see sunset in Vietnam. Eo Gio is as beautiful as JeJu of Korea


Car & tour guide take you back to Quy Nhon. On the way back, you will visit Phuong Mai Sand Dune to kiểm tra – in và take photos. (Offer a sand skating game for a separate group of guests, please inform our operator in advance)


Ending your Ky teo – Eo Gio Tour in one day. Goodbye & see you soon!


New cars according to scheduleHigh speedboat according khổng lồ programLunch with seafoodTicket khổng lồ enter Ky CoSombrero (straw hat) of Quy Nhon TouristDiving equipment khổng lồ see coral: Life jackets, diving gogglesEntry tickets lớn destinations in the programTicket for Love BridgeIsland security tourism feeEnthusiastic tour guide with rich experience on sea và islands in Quy Nhon.Travel insurance (maximum compensation of 20,000,000 VND / person / case)TH True mineral water + cold compress on the car: 2 bottles / person / day


Value added taxPersonal expenses


Games with prizes along the way, winners will get giftsSombrero with large brim và colorful of Quy Nhon Tourist brandOffer sand skating trò chơi for separate groups of guests


Children under 1m or under 5 years old: Free.Two adults can only bring 1 child under 5 for free. From the 2nd child upwards, each child will be charged the equivalent price of 5 to 10 years oldChildren from 5 – 9 years old: một nửa of adult costChildren from 10 years and above: be calculated as equal lớn adult cost.Children from 1.4m and above: be calculated as equal khổng lồ adult cost.


You prepare extra light clothes, slippers to lớn go lớn the beachIf weather changes make it impossible lớn go by speed boat and dive to lớn see coral reefs, Quy Nhon Tourist will arrange khổng lồ go to Ky teo by land, so the tour price will not change.Provide enough information as required to lớn register the insurance companyWearing life jacket is compulsoryWhen children are with you, pay attention to the children with our tour guide