My recent lip product review posts seem to have been popular, so today I have a review and swatches of the Colourpop Cosmetics Ultra Satin Lips. The Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip products are one of my favourite liquid lipsticks on the market as the don’t dry down to the very matte texture that most liquid lipsticks are designed to do. Colourpop is an American cruelty free company that is known for selling affordable makeup. Colourpop is exclusively available on the Colourpop Cosmetics website which can make purchases for Australians more expensive as the shipping is costly.

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Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip swatches – Magic Wand, Echo Park, Littlestitious, Alyssa, Spritz, November, Dopey, The Rabbit, Lyin’ King, London Fog and Brooklyn

The Ultra Satin colours that I own are Magic Wand (light nude), Echo Park (warm peachy nude), Littlestitious (pastel dusty pink), Alyssa (neutral dusty pink), Spritz (mid-tone bubblegum pink), November (mid-tone warm peachy pink), Dopey (dusty mauve), Molly (mid-tone plum lilac), The Rabbit (bright fuchsia with subtle blue sheen), Lyin’ King (raspberry), London Fog (cool-toned blue red) and Brooklyn (warm bright hot pink). All of these colours are currently available from the Colourpop Cosmetics website, except Spritz as it has been discontinued.

Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip swatches – Littlestitious, Magic Wand, Echo Park, Spritz, Dopey and Molly

The Colourpop Ultra Satin Lips come in a standard liquid lipstick tube with a doe foot applicator and are sold individually for $6 usd each. The product is a wet mousse texture when applied to the lips, but it dries down to a semi-matte, velvet finish. The velvet finish means that the lipstick will transfer, but plenty of colour still remains on the lips. Even though the Ultra Satin Lips transfer, they are still long wearing, I am able to get at least 6 hours of wear before I need to reapply. I do however like to touch up after eating and drinking. They fade evenly and there is no dry crusty area on the inside of the lips that some liquid lipsticks create (some refer to this as butt hole lips). All of the Ultra Satin Lip colours I have tried have been nice and pigmented, I only ever need one layer to make them opaque. I haven’t noticed any scent or taste with any of the colours. Colourpop do have their version of the transfer proof matte liquid lipsticks called Ultra Matte Lips but I am not a fan of that line of products – let me know if you want a review on them though.

Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip swatches – Littlestitious, Magic Wand, Echo Park, Alyssa, November, Dopey and MollyColourpop Ultra Satin Lips – The Rabbit, Lyin’ King, London Fog and Brooklyn

There are currently 25 Ultra Satin shades available on the Colourpop website, and I expect to see some new ones over the next couple of weeks as a part of their Autumn launch. My favourite colours are the most recent ones I purchased which are Alyssa and November. The colours suit my fair pink toned skin really well, but I also receive compliments when I wear Dopey (which seems to be a very popular shade). Alyssa and November are newer releases as they are a part of the collection in collaboration with Kathleen Lights, a beauty Youtuber. Before I bought those two colours, I really liked the Ultra Satin doe foot applicator as it was sturdy and made it easy to create a clean line around the lips. The two newer colours, Alyssa and November, have a completely different doe foot applicator. The new applicator is very fluffy and holds a lot of product, too much in my opinion. The new applicator makes it nearly impossible to get a clean line on application, so I always have to use a lip brush to apply those two colours. There is conflicting information from Colourpop about whether or not these new applicators are going to be used in the whole Ultra Satin line or not. They are used with the Ultra Metallic range as Colourpop have said that it allows enough product to be picked up, but that really isn’t an issue with the Ultra Satins that have the older applicator, so I don’t see any reason for them to change the applicator in the whole Ultra Satin line.

Ultra Satin Applicator Comparison – Left: Echo Park – older, Right: Alyssa – newer

Some of the original Ultra Satin Lips came with matching lip pencils, which I purchased as I love having a lip liner that matches exactly. I tend to use a lip liner just to protect against the lipstick bleeding, but most of the Ultra Satins don’t need a lip liner. One colour I have found to bleed a lot though is Magic Wand. The formula itself doesn’t feel any different to the other colours in the range, but it doesn’t dry down quite as much, which makes it prone to bleeding on me.

I store all my Ultra Satin Lips upside down in a cup to make it easier to see the colour I want, as there is no indication of colour on the top of the packaging. I haven’t had any issues with storing them upside down, none of them have leaked into the lid or caused a mess, which is good for when I need to put them in my bag to take with me.

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Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip swatches – Magic Wand, Echo Park, Littlestitious, Alyssa, Spritz, November, Dopey, The Rabbit, Lyin’ King, London Fog and Brooklyn

The Colourpop Ultra Satin Lips are my favourite liquid lipstick formula despite the problems with the new doe foot applicators. The formula is so much easier to wear than the drying matte liquid lipsticks out there. I can get a lot longer wear time out of the Ultra Satin Lips, simply because I don’t take it off when my lips dry out. My personal favourite colours are Alyssa, November and Dopey, but I will wear most of the colours I purchased. I am very fair, so the true undertones of the products do show up, but that doesn’t mean they will look like this on you. These lipsticks can look very different on different skin tones. I always browse through Instagram to see if I can find any swatches on a similar skin tone to myself before I purchase them. If I buy more colours in future, I can post updated swatches on Instagram for you. The price point of $6 usd is great, but the shipping to Australia makes the products more expensive for Aussies. To avoid paying too much in shipping, I either use Comgateway to collect multiple parcels before I ship them, or I set up a group order with others to split shipping costs. I will be buying more products from the Ultra Satin Lip line when more colours launch as this is my favourite liquid lipstick formula. Let me know which product from Colourpop you want me to review next and sign up to email updates so you know when the review is live. Have you tried any of the Colourpop Ultra Satin Lips? Or are they on your wishlist?

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