this mask is provided by amabiebeauty along with some other stuff for me to be reviewed. Although i received it for free, all my thoughts about this mask is totally honest. You can also see this đánh giá on i got the email from amabie that informing me that i was chosen as one of their amabie sweethearts, i never heard of this brand. It"s completely new khổng lồ me. Although i know the concept of 3 chiều mask, i never tried any of it. This is the mô tả tìm kiếm that i get from red ginseng natural essence mask contains red ginseng extract that recovers damaged skin & helps lớn maintain the skin healthy and glow. Red ginseng to lớn help restore skin strength after being damaged by stress, pollution, debris và weather. If you have experienced harsh weather or environment or would lượt thích to relax after a long day of work, this mask will be sure to lớn cure you from your troubles. Also helps maintain firmness and smoothness.benefits: nourishes, improves elasticity, revitalizes, help the skin"s metabolism, restores skin, relaxing, maintain firmness, smoothens skin.the packaging: it comes in regular sachet with the main ingredient pictured at front. So obviously for this one is ginseng. & there"s english text at the back as well as the instruction. And it"s not ridiculous unlike SNP one.the scent: ugh.. Let me remind you before you decide to lớn buy this, it has STRONG ginseng scent. Really strong. After i rip the sachet off, the ginseng scent hit my nose instantly. Just like my ryeo hair pack, this one has similar scent. Và it lingers, which is annoying since i have khổng lồ keep it on my face for about 20-30 minutes. It makes me dizzy at first actually.the product: this is my first experience with 3 chiều mask. Thanks khổng lồ the slit around the mask, i can fit it nicely on my face. Although the nose part is too pointy for me. I think it will be too pointy for most asian. But other than that it"s okay. It"s made of cốt tông but it"s not as stretchy as etude or innisfree. The essence is clear type essence, & it"s enough. Drenching the mask without making it dripping all over me. There"s a cooling sensation when i put it on my face. I use it for about 25 minutes and the cheek & chin part has dried but the forehead is still wet. After i take it off, it only take a couple minutes for the essence lớn soak in.the result: since i only have one mask, definitely can"t say anything about firmness. But i have to agree that it will nourish my skin since it"s moisturizing enough. I can feel my skin a lit bit sticky but after awhile it will be gone. & i also believe it revitalizes my skin too. I can see it"s a little bit brighten after using this mask, but i think the effect is, if you lượt thích ginseng, not worry about strong-scented mask, then go for it. If you are very sensitive to strong-scented mask, then stay away from it. This is the second time i use a ginseng mask, và both has strong ginseng scent, so i think you might want lớn put it into consideration before buying anything ginseng-related. As for me, i think just this one is enough. I can"t risking my kid waking up while i"m using this mask và then be completely awake because of the scent.

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I also think this 3d mask will be perfect for those who have high nose và have difficulty for short nose part in ordinary mask sheet. Thank you amabie for giving me this mask.
the mask packaging
left: beforemiddle: mask on me (look at the weird nose part, that"s because of the 3d effect)right: after (you can see my face becomes more "wake-up", a little bit brighten too)