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Bạn đang xem: One piece: the giant mechanical soldier of karakuri castle

Synonyms: One Piece The Movie: Karakurijou no Mecha Kyohei, One Piece: Karakuri Shiro no Mecha Kyohei, One Piece: The Giant Mechanical Soldier of Karakuri Castle, Karakuri Castle's Mecha Giant Soldier

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It was your typical filler movie but one thing that really bothered me was the emphasis on nami's "assets". Seriously, every time she moved anywhere,even if it was a slight move, there was the 'jiggle'.

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Story:Not the most amazing storyline for a One Piece movie ever. I mean, after all, it is essentially just a treasure hunt, which is pretty exciting, but something that isn't too uncommon. It has some pretty good twists và comedy though, as usual with One Piece, which is good.Art:The art really is, of course, just the same as the regular One Piece series's artwork. I know some people say One Piece's art is just horrendous, but personally, I just think that those individuals aren't very xuất hiện minded, và that, in fact, One Piece's art is actually quite unique, & unlike many others. So the unique of the art just lies in personal opinion I think.Sound:One Piece has some of the greatest music and sounds in all of anime. This movie lives up to the reputation. Simple as that.Character:If you're a One Piece fan hâm mộ I'm sure you'd agree that the series's cast is just phenomenal. But this is about the movie. So, putting the main characters aside, this movie features a style of One Piece characters that make it the great show it is. An old baasan who's lượt thích 2 feet tall that's stuck in a treasure chest, a foolish, yet apparently genius, central enemy who is destined lớn rule the world, và two of his loyal henchmen who sport afros & mohawk things. Character has always been one of One Piece's great points, & that stands true is this film.Enjoyment:I would not say that this is the number one best One Piece movie that's been made, however it definitely is still good và absolutely wroth the watch. Perfect way to lớn see a nice side story while waiting for the next episode to be released. It doesn't feel like you're watching a stupid filler either while watching this movie, if you're perhaps worried of that. Overall, definitely give it a watch, chances are you'll enjoy it.