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The Light Fury is NOT a female Night Fury

Lasting genetic similarities make the two bears biological sister species.

It’s a subspecies of the Night Furies that has evolved to surrounded by the ocean as they live in the hidden world. The concept artists for the movie didn’t, as quoted by Hiccup “take night fury card and paint it white”. (Which I thought was so funny they put that joke in cos the development team knew people were gonna complain about her) Here’s a rundown of some facts about the kiến thiết for the species Light Fury


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Even their skin color is made for living in the sea. It’s not iridescent for the sake of ooh a sparkly pretty character, many fishes have their own relfective scales khổng lồ blend into the ocean water lớn find food & avoid predators.


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Most importantly, it’s not just the females that look sleek và beautiful. Look at the gif above. Even the males look the same as the females, only a lot bigger. Dreamworks didn’t put those two Light Furies together in that shot for no reason! Feminine looking they are, but isn’t that cool? Why is no one talking about feminine male dragons! So sleek & shiny and beautiful but they’ll kick your ass in a flash! I think it’s awesome khổng lồ see that there can be feminine male dragons in the HTTYD world?


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Even for the folks who are going “they just randomly pulled out a light fury from nowhere!” LET ME ENLIGHTEN YOU WITH THE HTTYD BOOKS! (im very passionate about the books)

Trying khổng lồ be spoiler không tính phí but in the 12th and final book there’s a female sea rồng called Luna, who was 2nd in command to the long army, whose leader was one of the long inspirations for the Night Fury. She was the same species as the leader, except for the fact that she, quoted by the books “glowed in the night lượt thích the moon”. Luna worked with book!Hiccup khổng lồ try lớn find peace for both dragons và humans. So even the concept of the Light Fury wasn’t out of thin air!

Here’s a picture of a grizzly bear and polar bear’s offspring, which is known lớn be found in the wild due to shrinking habitats, notice their patches of brown & white? They got that from both animals.


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So yeah, the Light Fury isn’t just a rip off trắng Toothless. There is a reason to her appearance, you just need khổng lồ know where lớn find it!

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