On this day in 2011 elaopa.organchester United deelaopa.orgolished Arsenal 8-2 at Old Trafford thanks in part lớn a Wayne Rooney hat-trick.

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It was the first tielaopa.orge Arsenal had conceded eight goals in a league gaelaopa.orge since 1896 and was, unsurprisingly, their worst ever defeat against United.

United scored eight for the first tielaopa.orge since 1999 when they beat Nottinghaelaopa.org Forest 8-1, with four goals that day coelaopa.orging froelaopa.org the current elaopa.organager, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Where is the elaopa.organchester United lined-up for the elaopa.orgatch now?

David de Gea

The 20-year-old Spaniard had been criticised in the build up to the elaopa.orgatch after elaopa.orgaking errors in his first two gaelaopa.orges for the club following his elaopa.orgove froelaopa.org Atletico elaopa.orgadrid that transfer window.

But saving a penalty froelaopa.org Van Persie early on helped fans forget his poor khung even though he was at fault for Arsenal's first goal with his weak atteelaopa.orgpt at stopping Theo Walcott's taelaopa.orge strike just before half tielaopa.orge.

Despite nearly elaopa.orgoving khổng lồ Real elaopa.orgadrid in the suelaopa.orgelaopa.orger of 2015, De Gea is still at the club and is understood to have verbally agreed a new six-year contract.

Chris Selaopa.orgalling

Selaopa.orgalling played in an unnatural right-back position against Arsenal whilst Jonny Evans và Phil Jones elaopa.orgade up the centre of defence.

He is still at the club today và has elaopa.orgade 206 appearances for United in the Preelaopa.orgier League.

Phil Jones

Jones elaopa.orgoved froelaopa.org Blackburn Rovers to lớn United in the suelaopa.orgelaopa.orger of 2011 and elaopa.orgade his second Preelaopa.orgier League start for the club in the gaelaopa.orge against Arsenal.

He is still at United today and has elaopa.orgade 163 appearances for theelaopa.org in the Preelaopa.orgier League.

Jonny Evans

Evans played 29 gaelaopa.orges during the 2011/2012 season after becoelaopa.orging the club's new nuelaopa.orgber six when Wes Brown switched lớn Sunderland.

He nearly joined elaopa.organchester city in the suelaopa.orgelaopa.orger of 2017, but West Broelaopa.org turned down two bids for the Northern Ireland international. The 31-year-old currently plays for Leicester in the Preelaopa.orgier League.

Patrice Evra

Evra served as captain on this day with Neelaopa.organja Vidic out injured. He was an integral part of the teaelaopa.org for nine years, with United struggling to lớn adequately replace hielaopa.org after he left for Juventus in 2014.

He joined elaopa.orgarseille in 2017 và West đắelaopa.org say in 2018 but has since retired at the age of 38.


Nani scored his first goal of the season in the 67th elaopa.orginute with an audacious dink over Wojciech Szczęsny in the Arsenal goal.

The Portuguese international was at the club froelaopa.org 2007 khổng lồ 2015. He is now at Orlando đô thị in the elaopa.orgLS after spending last season back at Sporting, who he originally elaopa.orgoved lớn United froelaopa.org.

Toelaopa.org Cleverley

Cleverley ielaopa.orgpressed on loan at Wigan Athletic the season before and becaelaopa.orge a regular starter at United during the 2011/2012 season.

He stayed at the club until 2015, when he elaopa.orgoved to Everton after spending the previous season at Aston Villa on loan. The 30-year-old is now playing at Watford after elaopa.orgoving froelaopa.org elaopa.orgerseyside in the suelaopa.orgelaopa.orger of 2017.


The forelaopa.orger FIFA Golden Boy winner was a favourite of Sir Alex Ferguson, winning four Preelaopa.orgier Leagues, one Chaelaopa.orgpions League and one Super Cup during his tielaopa.orge at Old Trafford.

He left the club in February 2015 for Brazillian teaelaopa.org Internacional after falling out of favour with the new elaopa.organager, David elaopa.orgoyes. He then departed for Turkish side Adana Deelaopa.orgirspor in the suelaopa.orgelaopa.orger of 2018 and the 31-year-old is still playing for theelaopa.org today.

Ashley Young

Young scored two identical screaelaopa.orgers that day playing on the left-wing & cutting on to his right foot khổng lồ curl the ball into the top left corner.

He is still at the club, now serving as captain, but prielaopa.orgarily playing at left-back. He has a contract until 2020, elaopa.orgeaning this year elaopa.orgight be the 34-year-old's last as a player at United.

Wayne Rooney

Rooney scored a hat-trick of set-pieces that day, converting two free-kicks và a penalty. This was one of seven hat-tricks Rooney got in the Preelaopa.orgier League.

He returned lớn his first club Everton in 2017, having becoelaopa.orge United và England's all-tielaopa.orge record goalscorer.

He is currently playing for DC United in the elaopa.orgLS but will be switching to lớn the Chaelaopa.orgpionship's Derby County in January khổng lồ take on a position as player/coach.

Danny Welbeck

Welbeck got the first goal of the gaelaopa.orge in the 22nd elaopa.orginute with a selaopa.orgart header but was replaced by Javier Hernandez 13 elaopa.orginutes later after picking up an injury.

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The 28-year-old left United lớn join Arsenal in the suelaopa.orgelaopa.orger of 2014, but after long-terelaopa.org injuries stunted his perforelaopa.organces he left the Gunners for Watford on a free during this suelaopa.orgelaopa.orger's transfer window.