We have one more B360 motherboard up for review, theMSI B360 Gaming Pro Carbon. Again a very price friendly motherboard that can house a fast 6-core Coffee Lake processor. With a full PCIe x16 graphics card slot, full speed m2 SSD capability and six SATA3 ports, these B360 motherboards mightbecome the new mainstream.

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MSI designed a B360 motherboard with some pretty terrific looks man, and hey compared to lớn the H370 chipset you"ll forfeit another few PCIe lanes & a bit of RGB bling (some is still there though). However, if you vì chưng not demand tweaking options, pair it with the new bộ vi xử lý core i5 8600 (non-K), & you"ll have the ability khổng lồ create a demonic beast of a gaming rig with the right graphics card. With a B360chipset you get many of the features and functionalityfromthat H370 & Z370 platform, yet scrap the tweaking & overclocking functions. This effectively means that K model processors are not something you should spendyourmoney on as you cannot OC them easily anyway. Any B360 chipsetbasedmotherboard, however,offers plenty of features for both internal và external connectivity. Forexample, you will spot things likea DP& HDMI port, USB 3.1 ports, six SATA3 ports, & even a full speed M.2 slot. There is a Gigabit Ethernet, 8-channel HD audio.

ThisMSI B360 Gaming Pro Carbon we"ll again pair with a vi xử lý core i7 8700K, a motherboard positioned in the affordable segment of the MSI line-up. It offers very very decent looks, you can fit an M.2 SSD (with heatsink) & it has been fitted with a GigE Ethernet interface (Intel), you get one reinforced full PCIe x16 slot as well.On the nextfew pages, I will take you guys a little deeper into the architecture và processor series that is Coffee Lake as well as the B360 chipset, followed by a benchmark session lớn see how well this motherboard performs và what it has lớn offer.

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Have a look first, that my friends iswhat a budget/entry màn chơi motherboard looks like in this year và age. The looks are just frickin" awesome!


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MSI B360 Gaming Pro Carbon reviewWe have one more B360 motherboard up for review, the MSI B360 Gaming Pro Carbon. Again a very price friendly motherboard that can house a fast 6-core Coffee Lake processor. With a full PCIe x16 graph...