Credit: JTBC

Lee Do Hyun successfully finished 18 Again, the first drama he played the main character in.

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Saying goodbye khổng lồ 18 Again, Lee Do Hyun said, “I feel sorry & grateful. This became such meaningful work khổng lồ me, and it’s bittersweet that I can’t show you Go Woo Young anymore.”

Lee Do Hyun took on the role of Go Woo Young, the name Hong Dae Young took after returning khổng lồ his teens. He flawlessly portrayed a middle-aged man who suddenly returned to his prime days, drawing praises from viewers.

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Credit: JTBC

Lee tried his best to make Hong Dae Young & Go Woo Young feel like the same person. Closely observing Yoon Sang Hyun’s walk, speech và habits, Lee drew the sketches for Go Woo Young.“I had to look like Yoon Sang Hyun. If I appear và don’t resemble him, then that could interfere with viewers’ immersion. So I studied hard. I dug inkhổng lồ the script with the director và Yoon Sang Hyun khổng lồ create Go Woo Young.”

As a result, Lee captured the hearts of many by successfully playing a role who looks lượt thích a high school student on the outside but is a middle-aged man on the inside.“I really didn’t expect it (the praises) & I am just so grateful. I did try my best, but it’s all thanks khổng lồ all the help I got from the director and seniors.”

Credit: JTBC

Lee showed various sides ranging from a teenage boy khổng lồ a man in his late 30s (a high school student to lớn a husband & a father).“There are so many things I could have sầu done better, but I can’t be perfect. Where else would I be able to persize such a role? You can say that I played an entire life story of a man, from his teens to lớn when he is 38 years old. The fact that there were so many things I had khổng lồ vày made me so happy.”

He showed heart-fluttering yet affectionate romance with Kim Ha Neul.“It was difficult at first. It was just an honor và grateful to lớn act with her, but I was really worried. But she gave sầu me advice saying that doing this will look more exciting or doing that will make you look lượt thích a better father, & I also got more comfortable that the more we filmed together, the more we relied on each other. I’m glad that the way I gọi her went from ‘senior’ to lớn ‘noomãng cầu."”

Lee Do Hyun debuted with Prison Playbook và left a strong impression through Hotel Del Luna.“(As for Hotel Del Luna) It was my first time trying such a genre, & (Go Chung Myung) was the character that made me mark my name on the public, so I’m really attached to lớn hyên ổn. It was a brief appearance, but I prepared và thought a ton about how I could naturally melt into the story. It was my first historical drama so it wasn’t easy, but I had a lot of fun. If I get a chance, I would love sầu lớn work on a traditional historical drama.”

Lee will greet the viewers soon with the Netflix original series Sweet Home. About his goal as an actor, Lee Do Hyun said he is learning “khổng lồ let go of things.” Of course, his first intention of “becoming an actor who saves lives” will always hold a special place in his heart. Lee finished his interview by saying that he wishes to become an actor who works on projects that give people the power to lớn live sầu on & an actor who holds good influence in his acting.