Micellar water is a gentle sản phẩm with chất lượng capabilities to hide oil in water. I won"t go too much into detail as I already have a dedicated post explaining exactly what Micellar water is and what it can do for your skincare routine. If you"re not familiar with the sản phẩm then I"d recommend checking that out first. Essentially, the micelle is a gentle surfactant that removes oil, dirt,and makeup from the surface of your skin.

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I have been using the micellar water for 6 months now (this is my second bottle!) & have really fallen in love with the solution. Today, I"m sharing my thoughts on the La Roche Posay"s Ultra Reactive Micellar Water for Sensitive skin.

The first thing I really enjoy about this product is how gentle it is. I"ve used a number of micellar water solutions và eye makeup removers in the past và they have pretty much all burned my eyes when I try lớn remove my eye makeup. This one simply doesn"t. La Roche Posay"s micellar water is made for sensitive skin. It is uniquely formalized not khổng lồ cause irritation. Not only does it vì chưng this for the skin but also for the eyes. More importantly, this solution has not broken me out which is a win in my book because my skin tends to lớn be very sensitive when trying new products.

The product doesn"t carry a scent, personally, I’m not too keen on fragrance in my products so this aligns very well for me. I have noticed also that it is quite moisturizing. My skin doesn"t feel stripped, dry, or tight after using it at all. On the flip side, the micellar wateralso manages lớn cleanse my face without leaving a greasy feeling. The directions do state that you don’t have khổng lồ rise it off but I typically rinse my face afterward because I don"t like the idea of leaving a cleansing agent on my skin.

By far one of the best ways I use this is in the morning. I typically don"t wash my face in the morning with a heavy cleanser. I have instead replaced morning washes with this micellar water as it still gives me a gentle cleanse so I don"t feel as groggy in the morning. I rinse with some warm water or even a warm towel and I am good khổng lồ go.

If you"re looking for a good eye makeup remover for that stubborn waterproof mascara, liquid lipstick, or eyeliner, this is the perfect sản phẩm for that too. It"s amazing how it is so gentle but removes makeup with ease.

If you"re in the market for a gentle cleanser, then I recommenced testing this Micellar Water for Sensitive skin. You will surely be pleasantly surprised.

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