Update: 2021 Comparison with KZ ZST


I have been reviewing the KZ ZST throughout January và had intended khổng lồ post our article at the start of February, but I am sorry lớn say that won’t be happening.

Whilst the ZST is an admirable attempt at putting out an ultra-budget hybrid earbud; I feel it just can’t compete with the ZS3 or the ATE on sound.

The low end of the ZS3 is weightier, và bass response is just generally more pleasing. The midrange, however, is where the biggest differences become apparent. The ZST mids feel a little unnatural and, with less clarity, they can’t keep up with the companies previous offerings,so for now, stick to lớn the ZS3 or ATE for your budget earbud fix.

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What are the KZ ZS3 Earphones by Knowledge Zenith?

The world of awesome budget earphones & IEM’s is on fire right now. Never has there been a better time khổng lồ be an audiophile on a budget. It’s only been half a year since we reviewed the universally loved Knowledge Zenith KZ ATE earbuds (Review). KZ a new earphone that has just hit the market called the KZ AS16, and you would think that a company that had so much success with its previous outing might want to raise its prices. They haven’t; the ZS3 earbuds only cost about $15. Just like their predecessor, the 3’s look incredibly impressive on paper. Buyers are treated to lớn an 8mm dynamic driver earbud with a detachable cable with perfect looks. Again, this đánh giá will be done in the context of comparison against other sub-$50 earphones.

KZ ZS3 – Design and Build Quality

The KS ZS3 follows the ATE earphones’ tradition in that they are of the same over-ear style, but everything about them feels like a significant step up in quality. These are a slick, bold, và stylish design with smooth curves và well-thought-out màu sắc schemes and graphics. The earphones are still a plastic build, but it feels higher quality and is covered by a nice soft-touch finish.

Graphics are done in a white handwriting style, with the right & left is clearly indicated on each earpiece. I also really like the use of red on these IEM’s. You find it dotted around on the nozzle’s inside the connectors & the ear tips themselves, & it really makes them stand out.

Quite amazingly, the KZ ZS3 comes with a detachable 2 sạc cable but what is more surprising is that the cable sockets are recessed into the IEM housing. That’s an added option on custom earphones that cost well more than $500. Having the ability khổng lồ replace cables yourself is a nice touch and something that can greatly extend your new earphones’ lives. The cable itself is good. It is very resistant khổng lồ tangling và has solid strain relief points. The cable terminates, thankfully, in a right angle, 3.5mm gold plated tai nghe jack. Microphonics bởi vì exist as these in-ear headphones are designed to lớn be worn with the cable over the ear.

KZ ZS3 – Comfort & Isolation

Our one gripe against KZ’s original ATE was that they could get a little uncomfortable after a few hours of use, but there are no such problems with the ZSE. The shell seems perfectly molded to lớn my ears with a sort of custom monitor styling. Insertion depth was about a medium but combined with the large exterior shell; we found the KZ ZS3 somewhere in the good khổng lồ the excellent range for isolating you from external noises.

KZ ZS3 – What about Sound Quality?


The KZ ZS3 possesses some excellent sound quality for the price point. We tested with all sorts of musical genres out of a range of sources và came away very impressed at how well they work with wildly ranging source materials. It’s a fun sound with good clarity & tight, punchy bass. There is some warmth across the mids, but it is way more balanced than I had anticipated. Highs have a sparkle to them và are not overly rolled off, and it is very little in the way on the peaky treble. Bass can really dive deep when the song needs it to, yet it remains tight và composed, up to lớn a point, and has little trouble push out a sub-bass rumble.

Detail & clarity are fair in the grand scheme of things but very good when you put them against other earphones under $50. The separation between instruments is ok but the soundstage big. At just under $20, you would expect the KZ ZS3 khổng lồ come in sounding muffled & bloated, but I found the combination of the punchy bass & crisp treble made my electronic music shine, and in no time, my head was jumping up và down approvingly.

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KZ ZS3 – Pros vs. Cons


Fun sound with good clarity and strong bass

Detachable Cables

Comfortable thiết kế

Ultra cheap earphones with great value lớn performance


If you are a fan hâm mộ of flat frequencies, these are not for you

You could probably buy a new mix of earphones rather than a replacement cable

Limited availability

Alternative (Review Links)

LG Quadbeat 3

KZ ZS3- These earphones are one of the best ways khổng lồ spend $20

What a time khổng lồ be a budget audiophile. We truly live in a golden age where you really don’t have to lớn break the ngân hàng to get good sound. Even a few years ago, we used khổng lồ choose between good design or good sound, but now, with the KZ ZS3, things have changed. Not only bởi vì the earphones have a good fun sound, but they look cool as all hell, have several cool features, & are incredibly comfortable. I love them, and whether you are someone with more expensive cans looking for a cheap backup or someone on a tight budget looking for a main IEM, I definitely can give the seal of approval to lớn the ZS3.