Davichi doesn’t want khổng lồ say goodbye in their creepy new music đoạn phim.Did you lượt thích the song?Right up front, I have sầu to say I almost never like ballads. I’m trying khổng lồ become more accepting of ballads, but for the most part I just can’t get inkhổng lồ them.What was your favorite part of the song?I lượt thích the buildup khổng lồ the chorus where they suddenly crescenvày lớn that high note. Very moving.Does the English make you want khổng lồ rip your eardrums out?I don’t think there was any English. You can watch the Clip with English subs here khổng lồ underst& more of that juicy plot.Did you lượt thích the video?Um. It was definitely interesting and kept my attention, but I would not say I liked it.Was there a storyline? If so, did it make sense?It’s super plotty! So in one of the most eerie scenes I have sầu recently seen in a music video clip this astronomer (or wannabe) goes outside one morning to find a woman (played by Min Kyung of Divichi) sleeping or passed out in a garbage bag in his driveway. Instead of calling the police, he brings her in (except somehow only her face is dirty; she still has beautiful, glossy hair & spotless trắng clothes, but whatever) and feeds her, và they slowly fall in love.

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This actually happens.Then it’s revealed that this guy used to lớn have a girlfrikết thúc who went missing 5 years ago for some reason, & he has pictures of her everywhere và keeps seeing his old girlfriend when he looks at the new woman. And then he gets this phone gọi from a mystery man: “Why’d you pichồng up that trash I threw away? I have sầu your old girlfriover, and I need that girl you have sầu baông chồng. Let’s exchange.” Creepy, right? So at this point I’m thinking, “Okay, this is a clear case of double kidnapping, probably other crimes, I’m calling the police.” So what happens? Our guy valiantly figures out a way lớn save the day và rescue both his old girlfriend & new friend?...

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We"re taking the hobbits lớn Isengard!Er. How about the guy takes Min Kyung khổng lồ the kidnapper, pries her hvà off of his arm, & dumps her there screaming và sobbing “Don’t go!” Then he takes his old girlfrikết thúc, và never looks baông chồng. The old girlfriover apparently doesn’t care at all. The kidnapper shoves Min Kyung inlớn a car. The End.WHAT IS THIS. NO, SERIOUSLY. WHO WRITES THIS STUFF.My own personal conclusion is that Min Kyung is an alien who had been experimented on in a horrible torture laboratory. Once they had tormented & tested her enough they dumped her out in a trash bag, but then they forgot a crucial chạy thử and needed her back. It explains the emphasis on astronomy & why the random creepy guy wanted her baông chồng. Was the dance cool & distinctive?
No dance either.Do the members look good?You know, they really vày, once Min Kyung gets the dirt off her face…Which thành viên stood out the most?Min Kyung is the star of this MV (because the other half of Davichi, Lee Haeri, isn’t in it) & totally steals the show. Man, this girl can act! I’m talking going from portraying a kind of quiet post-traumatic găng syndrome lớn heart-rending screams và sobbing, kicking and struggling as she is dragged away. Min Kyung definitely has a future in acting.

Min Kyung and Lee HaeriDo you like it enough to buy the song?
No. It’s quite pretty, but I don’t think I could get the horror of this music video clip out of my head.Any ending thoughts?This storyline was pretty terrifying, intentionally or not, & it did not at all seem to lớn fit with the chimes và smiling at the kết thúc. Plus, I really wanted khổng lồ see the other half of the Davibỏ ra duo, Lee Haeri. Why couldn’t she be someone in the music video? I don’t underst& music videos where certain members aren’t present.Boyfriend’s one-liner:“I shall dub it: Garbage Girl và the Psycho Killer.”Thanks for reading! Please subscribe và leave sầu your comments below. Also feel miễn phí lớn request a Đánh Giá.