Rutgers football along with Maryland, Penn State and Miami are heavily after four-star defensive lineman David Ojiegbe.

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Greg Schiano talks his team's response lớn the Gator Bowl: 'they're fired up, trust me'

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Brian Leonard remembers how he ended up at Rutgers football and his bond with head coach Greg Schiano

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CNN talks 'Ms. Fitz' basketball shot with former Rutgers star Kathleen Fitzpatrick

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Opinion: Rutgers is the last-minute Gator Bowl replacement – but the school should have said no

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Good news for Rutgers football & the Gator Bowl: NCAA affirms process for bowl selection

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'Ms. Fitz'...incredible shot has former Rutgers basketball player trending

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Twitter reacts lớn news of Rutgers (possibly) going to lớn the Gator Bowl

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