Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS shows you how to expand and improve your English vocabulary skills, improving accuracy & helping you in preparing before the IELTS test. Learn how lớn calculate your IELTS B& Score

Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS Self Study Book

Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS presents vocabulary using listening exercises and reading texts that are very similar to lớn the real IELTS chạy thử.

By learning new vocabulary in context you will find it easier to rethành viên & understvà the meaning of new words.

Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS helps you practise new words và include them in your active sầu English vocabulary.

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Who is Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS for?

It is aimed at students studying on their own who need lớn revise và expand their English vocabulary.

It is also ikhuyến mãi for use as an integral component of any IELTS preparation course, or for homework assignments by a teacher.

Its nội dung is appropriate for many advanced English students & students of English for Academic purposes.

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What is the best way lớn use Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS?

It is a good idea khổng lồ study each unit in order as the vocabulary exercises may revise the vocabulary from a previous exercise or unit.

The book includes kiểm tra practice sections which give additional practice in the various IELTS test sections.

How is Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS organized?

The book contains 25 units. The first đôi mươi units explain and practise vocabulary related lớn both general & academic themes.

Each unit has listening, reading, writing và speaking exercises similar to the tasks in the IELTS chạy thử.

Also, each unit includes an IELTS test practice task. The demo practice sections have sầu various examples of different IELTS tasks which commonly appear in the Academic Reading, General Training Reading, Academic Writing, General Training Writing, Listening and speaking sections of the IELTS chạy thử.

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These IELTS practice tasks give sầu an opportunity for you to lớn test your vocabulary & IELTS chạy thử skills.

The book contains an overview of each IELTS chạy thử, a general guide on how lớn learn and use new vocabulary, and useful tips on how lớn develop your vocabulary even further by using a dictionary.

Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS comes with a complete answer key for each exercise, sample answers for the writing tasks, a worddanh mục for each unit, & recording scripts for the listening tasks.

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Download Book

Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS Audio

The audio has listening tasks và pronunciation exercises for each vocabulary unit.

The listening test practice exercises in the book are also on the audio tracks.

The book contains a comprehensive worddanh sách summarizing vocabulary from each unit và these can be used for quichồng review or for vocabulary ideas khổng lồ include in IELTS writing practice tasks.

It is an excellent learning resource which will help you develop a wide & varied vocabulary required for a high IELTS score.