“Practice makes perfect” – luyện tập để giúp đỡ mang đến họ đã đạt được công dụng giỏi đẹp mắt. Vì Ielts speaking part 1 đã luân chuyển quanh một số trong những chủ đề liên quan đến cuộc sống đời thường nhỏng công việc, học tập, thói quen, sở trường, gia đình….nên bọn họ trọn vẹn có thể rèn luyện trước những dạng thắc mắc này. lúc họ đang luyện tập trả lời nhuần nhuyễn, tự nhiên, chắc chắn rằng những em sẽ có kết quả tốt hơn khi đi thi. 

Dưới trên đây cô đã liệt kê cho các em các chủ thể cùng thắc mắc hay xuất hiện thêm trong speaking part 1:

Warm – up : xin chào hỏi ban đầuCould you show me your identification thẻ please?Could you tell me your full name please?What shall I Hotline you?Does your name have sầu any special meaning?Why bởi so many people change their names?Is your name important lớn you?

Personal background và informationAre you a student or vì you have a job?Could you tell me a typical day of yours?

WorkWhat work bởi vì you do?What bởi vì you bởi for living?What vì chưng you enjoy most about your work?What bởi vì you like most about your job?What are your main duties?Is there any other work you would like lớn do in the future?What kind of job vày you prefer in the future?How bởi vì you get your job?Are you satisfied with your job?

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StudyWhat are you studying?What is your major?What vày you like most about your study?Why did you choose that particular course?What job would you like when you have sầu completed all your studies?What kind of job vì chưng you prefer after graduation?

Language studies và IELTSDo you speak any other languages? / How many languages vị you speak?Why are you taking the IELTS exam?Do you have sầu any plans for after you take the IELTS exam?What will you vì if you pass the IELTS exam?Do you like English? / Do you enjoy studying English? Why or why not?How long have you been studying English?Why is it important for you lớn learn English? / What vì you think of the importance of English?Did you enjoy English at school?What vì you find most difficult about learning English?What activities vì you find most useful for learning English? / What vị you think the best way lớn study a language is?How much time vì chưng you spover studying English every week?

HometownWhere vì chưng you come from?Where vị you live?Can you tell me something about your hometown?Can you tell me some famous landscapes or scenic spots in your hometown?Can you tell me some history of your hometown?What type of place is it?What was it like growing up there?Has it changed much since you were a child?

Your CountryWhich country are you from?Where is this country located?Which part of the country do most people live in?What are the main industries in your country?Is it easy to travel around your country?

HomeWhere vày you live?Do you live in a house or a flat?Who bởi you live with?Is it a big place?What is your favourite room?How is your apartment decorated?Is there anything you would like to lớn change about your flat?Do you plan lớn live there for a long time?Do you have a garden?Are there many amenities?

Family How many people are there in your family?Do you all live sầu in the same house? (Why/why not)?What things vị you lượt thích doing together?Who is your favourite family member?

FriendsDescribe a friover.How long have sầu you known each other?What vị usually do together?What vì you lượt thích the most about hyên ổn / her?How often vì chưng you see each other?

MarriageWhat is the attitude toward marriage in your country?Do most young people plan on getting married in your country?What are some of the advantages of marriage?What are some of the disadvantages?Is the divorce rate high in your country?Do you think people should be allowed lớn get divorced?

FoodDo you enjoy cooking? (Why/why not)?What type of things can you cook? (Why)?What kinds of food are popular in your country?Is it an important part of your culture lớn have sầu dinner parties? (Why)?Do you prefer to eat with other people or on your own? (Why)?

DreamsDo you dream much at night?Do you often remember your dreams?Do you think we can learn anything from dreams? (Why)?Do people in your country talk about their dreams? (Why)?Do you think that dreams can come true?

FutureWhat are you planning khổng lồ bởi vì in the next five years?What are you planning to vày in the next ten years?What is the first thing you will vì chưng when you arrive at the new place?

HumourWhat type of programmes vì you find funny on TV?Which types of programmes are most popular in your country? (Why)?What kind of things make you laugh? (Why)?Do you lượt thích khổng lồ make people laugh? (How)?Do you think it is important lớn have sầu a sense of humour? (Why)?

HobbiesWhat vì chưng you usually vị in your spare time?Do you prefer khổng lồ stay alone or with your friends?What do you usually bởi on weekends & weekdays?What vì you usually bởi vì when you go out?What vì you usually vì chưng with your friends?What are good hobbies và bad hobbies? Why?

Going OutDo you like going out or staying at home?What bởi you like to lớn do when you go out?How often vì chưng you go out?Do people in your country go out a lot?How and where bởi people in your country usually socialize?What kind of entertainment is popular in your country?

ReadingDo you like reading?What kind of books vì you lượt thích best?

Travel và placeDo you like to travel?What kind of places have you visited in your life?Which place would you really like lớn visit? Why?What’s the best place you’ve ever visited?Why is this place special lớn you?When did you first visit this place?Where is this place located?What language is spoken here? Do you speak this language?

FestivalWhat’s the most important festival in your country?How vì chưng people celebrate this festival?What special food is associated with this festival?What special activities are associated with this festival?What do you enjoy most about this festival?Do you think festivals are important for a society?

TourismWhich places would you recommover khổng lồ a visitor khổng lồ your country?Do a lot of tourists visit your country?What vì they usually bởi vì there?How has tourism changed your country?Is your country expensive for most tourists?What are some famous landmarks in your country?

TimingIs being late acceptable in your culture? (Why/why not)?Are you ever late for appointments? (Why/why not)?What type of excuses vì you think are alright for lateness?How bởi you feel when someone is late for an appointment with you?

Leisure time/Free TimeWhat type of activities vị you like to lớn vị in your không lấy phí time?How long have you been interested in these activities?Do you like to lớn vì chưng theses activities alone or with other people? (Why)?Do you think people have enough không tính phí time? (Why/why not)?

Neighbours & neighbourhoodDo you know the people who live sầu next door khổng lồ you?How often do you see each other?What kind of relationship bởi you have?How can neighbours be helpful?What kind of problems can people have with their neighbours in a big city?

ShoppingDo you enjoy shopping?How bởi vì you feel about shopping?Do you like shopping on the Internet?Do you have sầu any favourite stores?What don’t you lượt thích about shopping?Which is the most popular place to lớn shop in your hometown?

Clothes/FashionDo you care about fashion?What kind of things bởi you normally wear?Are there any traditional clothes in your country?Where vì chưng you usually purchase your clothes?Have sầu you ever bought clothes online?Do people from your country think fashion is important?What is your favourite nhà cửa of clothing?

ColoursDo you have sầu a favourite colour?What are your country’s colours?Do you think colours affect our moods?Can you learn anything about a person from the colours he / she likes?Do you like the same colours now as you did when you were a child?

MusicDo you like music?What kind of music bởi vì you like?When do you usually listen to lớn music?What kind of music did you like when you were younger?What kind of music is popular in your country?Do you play any musical instruments?Do you wish you could play any musical instruments?Which is your favourite instrument?

Daily routineCould you tell me a typical day of yours?

SmokingWhat vì chưng you feel about smoking in public places?Do you think smoking should be banned in people’s homes?

NewspapersWhich vì you prefer reading, newspapers or magazines? (Why)?What type of stories vị you like khổng lồ read about? (Why)?Do you think reading a magazine or a newspaper can help you learn a language? (Why)?Why bởi you think some people prefer magazines to lớn newspapers?

SportDo you play any sports?Have you played basketball for long?Do you watch sport on TV?What is the most popular sport in your country?How vị people in your country stay fit?Is it important for children to lớn play sports?

Computers và InternetDo you think computers help society?Do you think computers are bad for health?How vì you think computers have changed the world?How important is the mạng internet to you?How often bởi you use the internet?Do you use it more for work or in your không tính tiền time?What are your favourite websites?Do you use apps?Do you think you use the mạng internet too much?How will the internet develop in the future?Are there any negative things about the internet?

TVDo you lượt thích watching TV?How often vị you watch TV?What kind of TV programmes vày you lượt thích to lớn watch?What are the most popular TV shows in your country?Do you lượt thích watching TV shows from other countries?Has the mạng internet affected your viewing habits?What is your favourite TV show?What was your favourite show when you were a child?

GamesDo you enjoy playing any games?What kind of games vày you play?Do you think adults should play games?What vày children learn from games?What kind of games did you play when you were a child?What games are popular in your country today?What kind of games were popular when you were young?Do you think mental games lượt thích chess are good for you?

FilmsDo you enjoy watching movies?What’s your favourite film?Who are your favourite actors?How often vì you watch films?

WeatherHow is the weather today?What’s your favourite kind of weather?What is the climate lượt thích in your country?Does the weather effect people’s lives in your country?Do people change in the summer?Is there any type of weather you really don’t like?Does bad weather ever effect transport in your country?

Trên đó là phần nhiều chủ đề cùng các câu hỏi tương quan thường lộ diện vào phần 1 của Ielts Speaking. Để hoàn toàn có thể vấn đáp tốt bỏ phần này, các em hãy chuẩn bị cùng rèn luyện mang đến đông đảo câu hỏi bên trên nhé.

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Có thể nhờ một fan chọn lọc ngẫu nhiên phần đông câu hỏi này rồi thu thanh lại câu trả lời với kiểm tra lại kế tiếp nhé các em. Chỉ tất cả cần mẫn luyện tập new ước ao dành được tác dụng cao “Practice makes perfect”.

With love và passion!

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