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BBIA Last Lipstick Red Series 4 Velvet Matte Antique no18 3.5g


01 Innovative Texture

The new texture that is light lượt thích air

Comfort wearing all day long

Fits perfectly lớn your lips

02 Vivid colors, Long Lasting

Produces the best color with just a single touch

Colors last for the whole day for unchanging beauty

03 Fantastic finishing

Optimal finish that is smooth và even

Nondrying, Leaves skin moisturized

Accentuate the softness & sensuality of the lips

Maximize your cosplay look.

Bạn đang xem: 5 màu son bbia last lipstick version 2

How khổng lồ use

If there is a lot of oil or moisture on your lips, the color expression may be uneven.

After cleaning your lips, apply the màu sắc from the inside of your lips, along the lip lines.


90 g

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