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Nội dung text: bài xích tập giờ đồng hồ Anh Lớp 11: Viết lại câu

BÀI TẬP VIẾT LẠI CÂU (CÓ ĐÁP ÁN) A.Mối dục tình giữa “ago-since-for” với thì vượt khứ đơn và thì lúc này hoàn thành. 1.We haven’t been to a concert for over a year. -The last time 2.Your birthday các buổi party was the last time I really enjoyed myself. -I . 3.It’s nearly đôi mươi years since my father saw his brother. -My father 4.Tom went khổng lồ Scotland last Friday and is still there. -Tom has . 5.When did you last ride a bike? -How long is it ? 6.The last time I went swimming was when I was in France. -I haven’t 7.You haven’t tided up this room for weeks. -It’s . 8.He was last in touch with me three weeks ago. - He hasn’t 9.Mr John hasn’t visited France since 1990. -Mr John last 10.It last rained three weeks ago. -It’s 11.I haven’t eaten this kind of food before. This is the first B.Mệnh đề “wish”. 12.What a pity you failed your driving test! -I wish 13.It’s a pity that you’re going away so soon. -I wish 14.I’m sorry I didn’t phone him yesterday. -I wish C.Mệnh đề so sánh. 15.She knows a lot more about it than I do. -I don’t know 16.Jane is a better cook than Betty. -Betty can’t 17.Tom is younger than he looks. -Tom isn’t 18.I didn’t spend as much money as my friend did. -My friend 19.He doesn’t know them as well as I do. -I know 20.It’s still cold but it was colder yesterday. -It’s isn’t D.Mệnh đề chỉ nguyên nhân và kết quả. 21.The children couldn’t go swimming because the sea was very rough. 1-The sea was too 22.We didn’t have enough money,so we didn’t go on holiday. -If we 23.We got lost because we didn’t have a map. -If we 24.The bridge was so low that the bus couldn’t go under it. -It was 25.It was so late that nothing could be done. -It was too . 26.He couldn’t afford to lớn buy a car. -The car 27.That restaurant is so dirty that noone wants khổng lồ eat there. -It is such . 28.The tast was too difficult for the pupils to do. -The chạy thử 29.Phone now or you will be late. -You will E. Một số trong những mẫu câu khác. 30.I advise you to lớn put your money in a bank. -You’d . 31.Why don’t you meet lớn discuss the price? -I suggest 32.I would prefer you to lớn deliver the package on Monday. -I’d rather ĐÁP ÁN A.1 I went to lớn a concert was over a year ago. 2 haven’t really enjoyed myself since your birthday party. 3 .hasn’t seen his brother for nearly đôi mươi years. 4 .been in Scotland since last Friday. Gone lớn Scotland since last Friday. 5 since you rode a bike? 6 been swimming since I was in France./ gone swimming since I was in France. 7 .weeks since you tided up this room. 8 . Been in cảm biến with her for three weeks. 9 .visited France in 1990. 10 three weeks since it rained. 11 .time I have eaten this kind of food. B.12 .you had passed/ hadn’t failed your driving test. 13 .you weren’t going away so soon. 14 I had phoned him yesterday. 15 as much about it as she does. 16 .cook as well as Jane. 17 as old as he looks. 18 .spent more money than I did. 219 .them better than he does. Trăng tròn .as cold today as it was yesterday. D.21 rough for the children khổng lồ go swimming. 22 .had had enough money, we could have gone on a holiday. 23 had had a map, we couldn’t have got lost. 24 such a low bridge that the bus couldn’t go under it. 25 . Late for anything to be done./ late to vị anything. 26 .was too expensive for him./ cost more than he could afford. 27 .a dirty restaurant that noone wants lớn eat there. 28 .was so difficult that the pupils couldn’t vì it. 29 .be late if you don’t phone now. E.30 better put your money in a bank. 31 .that you should have a meeting./ .that you should meet to discuss the price./ .meeting lớn discuss the price.

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32 you delivered the package on Monday. 3